About Our Church

What is a church?

The word “church” comes from an ancient Greek word called ekklesia.  The core meaning has to do with people who are called from one place to another.  So a church is not a building, but a people who have been called.

What is “Messiah?”  The word “Messiah” comes from the ancient Hebrew language.  Its most basic meaning is “chosen one.” The name for our church is “Church of the Messiah.”  Thus, the name “Church of the Messiah” is a reminder of why we gather together and who we gather in honor of.  We gather together to honor the greatness of Jesus Christ who was chosen by God heal our spiritual illness caused by sin while continuing to mend and soothe us as we journey through life’s frequent broken paths.

Those who gather together to worship in our building are normal everyday people who want to live life with the understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy relationship with God and others.

No one can really get to know a church unless they visit.  So consider this an invitation to come worship with us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at 415 Charles Cox Drive in Canton, GA. Just put the address in your GPS and you should have no problem finding us.  Come check us out. You may find some people who you can encourage and who can encourage you in this thing called life.


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